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  Nearest & Dearest PTSD Group


The Nearest & Dearest Group is designed for Intimate Partners, Family members, Friends, and Caregivers of active duty servicemembers, Veterans, law enforcement and first responders that suffers from PTSD/Trauma. The group is C0-Facilitated by Cyndy Shinaberry, MSW, LCSW and Charles Beckelhimer, MSW, RCSWI. The goals of the group are to provide Therapeutic, Informative, & Supportive Counseling Services that will:


  • Educate you about PTSD

  • Assist you in decreasing stress

  • Help you avoid secondary PTSD

  • Increase your ability to cope 

  • Improve your relationship

  • Increase your ability to communicate effectively

  • Regain your emotional balance

  • Improve your ability to set boundaries

To receive screening for individual or group counseling services please contact:

Cyndy Shinaberry, MSW, LCSW



Charles Beckelhimer, MSW, RCSWI


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