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Veterans Families PTSD & SUD’s Program (VFPSP)


The VFPSP group is C0-Facilitated by Cyndy Shinaberry, MSW, LCSW and Charles Beckelhimer, MSW, RCSWI where the goals of the group are: 

  • To educate Veterans and their families how PTSD and SUD’s influence their lives

  • Teach effective coping skills

  • Promote self-care

  • Increase family support

  • Boost self-esteem

  • Encourage abstinence from drugs and/or alcohol

  • Avoid secondary PTSD

  • Prevent the collapse of the family unit

  • Stop domestic violence

  • Avert homelessness 

To receive screening for individual or group counseling services please contact:

Cyndy Shinaberry, MSW, LCSW



Charles Beckelhimer, MSW, RCSWI


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